PETITION from Internationalized Domain Names Registries addressed to mail services and social networks


We, Internationalized Domain Names registries, address the operators of mail services and social networks listed below

  • Gmail (Google Inc.),
  • (Apple Inc.),
  • Mail.Ru (Mail.Ru Group),
  • Outlook (Microsoft Corporation),
  • Yahoo Mail (Verizon Communications Inc.),
  • Rambler/mail (RAMBLER&Co),
  • Yandex.Mail (Yandex Company),
  • Facebook (Facebook Inc.),
  • Twitter (Twitter Inc.),
  • VKontakte (Mail.Ru Group),
  • Odnoklassniki (Mail.Ru Group).

Internationalized Domain Names became ubiquitous all over the world.

Hundreds of thousands of users choose these domains because they enable use of the native language in site names thus significantly facilitating communication and making the networking faster and more convenient.

Technically speaking, Internationalized Domain Names are all ready for full-fledged use. Today users may easily register such domains, place sites there and use SSL-certificates for them. However, when working with mail and social services, owners of these domains still face limited capabilities.


Mail services do not support email addresses of тим@бернерс.ком type, where both domain and local parts of the address are not written in Latin characters. Moreover, some mail services still have trouble with addresses of tim@бернерс.онлайн type, where only the domain part is not romanized.


None of the mentioned social networks support correct recognition and mapping of all Internationalized Domain Names. At the same time supported features are different for different domains: thus, in case of manual entry, social network Vkontakte provides recognition of .РФ domains, but does not provide recognition of .БЕЛ domains.

We would like to call on the operators of the mail services and social networks mentioned herein to create local services with the access in national languages. This will foster progressing Internet and increasing popularity of these services. In this regard, we would appreciate the practical steps to launch such services without redirect – ГУГЛ.БЕЛ (for Belarusians), ГУГЛ.УКР (for Ukrainians), etc.

Also we would like to invite the developers of browsers to pay more attention to the existing problem with visualizing internationalized URL. We appreciate their contribution to work being done within the ICANN Universal Acceptance Steering Group and underline the necessity of more intensive work that will help to solve this problem.

The current situation poses significant limitations on options for a huge number of internet users – hundreds of thousands of Internationalized Domain Names’owners and even a greater number of visitors of their sites. This state of things makes impossible the full-fledged use of national languages on the Internet, which discords with the principle of the global open Internet giving equal opportunities to all users.

Moreover, such state of things disregards global domain space trends dating back to the early 2000s. This situation impedes the full-fledged evolution of domain extensions in the national languages which have proven their viability and being in demand.

We believe that all the facts mentioned above show the urgent necessity for the mail services and social networks to get involved in this case. Thus, we ask them to ensure full support to Internationalized Domain Names. For our part, we are ready to provide any necessary assistance.

The petition is signed by:

  • .БЕЛ (Reliable Software Ltd.),
  • .УКР (Ukrainian Network Information Centre Inc.).
  • .РФ (Coordination Center for TLD RU/РФ),
  • .հայ (ISOC Armenia),
  • .ДЕТИ (Smart Internet Foundation),
  • .МОСКВА (Foundation for Assistance for Internet Technologies and Infrastructure Development),
  • .ОНЛАЙН (CORE Association),
  • .САЙТ (CORE Association),
  • .გე (Information Technologies Development Centre),
  • .СРБ (Serbian National Internet Domain Registry).

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