5 Ways to Increase Word Count on Your College Essay

How to Add Word Count Nothing is more frustrating than burning the midnight oil only

Term paper5 Ways to Increase Word Count on Your College Essay

5 Ways to Increase Word Count on Your College Essay

How to Add Word Count

Nothing is more frustrating than burning the midnight oil only to meet a particular word count. It gets worse when you have exhausted every concept and idea in your head. Writer’s block is a common habit during this stage.

Adding word count to your essay is not an easy task. You might add a few words that end up ruining the entire structure of the essay. Furthermore, it becomes easy to lose the plot for the whole of the paper.

Tricks for Adding Word Count

It is wise to consider other ingenious methods of beating the word count without interfering with the quality. Here are various ideas you can use to beat the word count:

Use Examples

Most students underuse examples when explaining theoretical concepts in their essays. An example gives your reader a precise impression of what you mean in a simple way. Apart from making a clear understanding, it goes a long way in improving your overall word count for your essay.

Go through your essay while searching for areas that need an example to drive the point home. The use of additional examples helps in making your essay reliable. You can additionally insert examples as a means of supporting your essay.

Addressing Perspectives

There are two sides to a coin when writing an essay. Most students often forget there is a different viewpoint of addressing a topic rather than their own. Addressing other perspectives of the subject improves the overall understanding. Furthermore, it helps in creating an argument for your essay.

Using perspectives helps in improving the overall word count. Furthermore, you can address how the different perspectives differ from the conclusions made. It helps in creating a justification for your conclusion over others. It helps in creating a solid essay that covers both ends of the story.

Clarity for Statements

Some ambiguous statements or technical jargon might mislead your readers. It is the perfect chance to explain further the meaning of these statements to your readers. You can insert other statements to help in clarifying the original statements made earlier. You can use connectors in your essay for further elaboration.

The overuse of connectors in your essay might end up looking like fluff. Therefore, be careful about how you include different statements when making descriptions. Furthermore, filler sentences end up creating run-ons and fragments in your paper.

Additional Sources

You need to ensure that your final paper is solid and contains factual information. It is, therefore, essential to ensure each claim made in the essay is backed with facts. An excellent way to increase your paper while making it look professional is by adding statistics and numbers. Include in-text citations to make the work look for authentic and relevant to your particular essay.

Using Quotations

The suggestion depends on the nature of your essay. If you have quotations already in your essay, you can forget about adding more quotations. In case you lack any quotations on your essay, it is vital to add some to form the support basis for your essay. You will be adding more weight and length to your overall essay, thus making a complete and solid essay.

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